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Accelerate out of the curve

From the global pandemic’s onset throughout its painful onslaught, we Buccaneers adopted the March Madness rally cry of “Survive and Advance” to keep our team in the tourney from beginning to end. Come tournament time, you can’t play tomorrow unless you win today, so you do whatever it takes to be a bracket buster until […]

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Life lessons from professor pandemic

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”  This ancient proverb foreshadows what modern educational theorists call learner readiness, the rather obvious idea that students learn best when their individual maturation and prior learning have prepared the ground for what comes next.  Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know. Other times you find that […]

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This is our Golden Hour. Ticktock.

Almost everyone who has seen combat up close would affirm General William T. Sherman’s observation that “war is hell.” But in case my childhood Sunday School teacher is inclined to wash out my mouth with soap for using the “H” word in polite company, I want her to know that I am among those who agree […]

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The Good Buccaneerean

In the category of potentially useful trivia, it might come in handy sometime to know the one essential factor that badminton, ping-pong, racquetball, tennis, and volleyball all have in common: the importance of the serve. Enthusiasts across the board describe how the server has a tremendous advantage over the returner, because the one who serves can […]

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