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Cybersecurity month at CSU

By Brianna Parker | October 27, 2023

Technology is found everywhere. We use it for banking information, school classes, work schedules, and many other personal information. Much of the time, we store all of our valuable data online in hopes to keep it safe and secure. However, as we put more of our lives into the worldwide database, the more inclining it is for hackers to take advantage. There is nothing wrong with being a part of this technological world, but there are steps to protect your privacy. 

First, apply Multifactor Authentication, or Two-Step Factor Authentication, to applications and websites. This is a “double check” method that asks you to verify with a pin, confirmation text, or FaceID. Passwords alone are easily able to crack, especially if they are the same across multiple sites, so the extra step allows for more security. 

Next, update your software frequently. Many software updates will include extra security protection to expose any flaws. If you automatically apply updates when they become available, it allows for constant beneficial tweaks to security measures.

Think before you click. Many hackers now know what pleases the public’s eye. If an email looks off or a website does not seem correct, go with your gut, and do not click it. Opening this kind of software allows for hackers to take over your personal information and make you a victim to cybercrime. 

Finally, take the initiative to use stronger passwords. Many times, people use passwords that are easy to guess like birthdays or anniversaries. It is easy for hackers to look this up, take a guess, and get it right. Using a strong and unique password for each site makes it to more difficult to guess. A strong password is one with 15 or more characters that is never used on other websites or the randomly generated ones that the computer offers. 

Being on the internet has its perks. It allows for all your information to be stored in one area. However, it comes with the risk of losing it all with just a click. Be aware and take initiative in your work online. 

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