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Psychology club a resume-builder for students

By Matthew Dawson | September 9, 2022
Psychology Club
Officers of the Psychology Club meeting. Photo by Hunter Langston

Psychology Club is one of 50+ organizations here at Charleston Southern University and, for the students who attend, serves as an outlet for students to gain knowledge about graduate school, perspective jobs in the field, and different ways to participate in the community supporting charities such as Walk for Life and Walk for Alzheimer’s, and support for local domestic abuse shelter—My Sister’s House.

Psychology Club prides itself on inducting new members into and having current members on the officer board that are in Psi Chi. Psi Chi is the International Psychology Honor Society in which new Psychology Club members and Psychology majors are inducted each semester. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in which one can be part of an honor society that they could remain part of for life.

Freshman Caleb Davis, who listened to a speech about welcoming new members for the club, said, “I think Psych Club could get me connected with people working in the psychology field and give me a perspective of what working in the field is actually like. This could help my resume as it would look good for grad school to see students who are involved with their major in extracurricular endeavors. This could also look good for job applications as being connected could give me a reference on my resume.”

Senior Kristina Brandt, a Psych Club and financial chair for the student organization, agreed. “I joined Psychology Club because it gave me the opportunity to show future employers and graduate school admissions personnel that I am truly invested in my field and eager to learn all that I can as a student,” she said. In her executive position, Brandt lets the group know how the club and honor society is carrying out their financial responsibilities.

This club serves both club members and nonmembers alike by providing a slew of opportunities, ways to get involved in the local community, and, with the right credentials, a chance for induction in the international honor society and even more opportunities within the society. This club prepares anyone for life ahead as the structure of meetings seek to inform those in the audience, and the officer meetings look to provide a voice for those in charge by having the officers carry out their perspective duties and report back to the group with any and all information. 

If any of the above information sparks interest, and you would like to attend Psychology Club and/or reach out to someone, please consider attending regular meetings on Fridays at 12:30 p.m. The officer meeting follows at 1:30. You can contact Dr. Alexis Green, associate professor of psychology and advisor of Psychology Club/Psi Chi, via email at

Matthew Dawson is a senior psychology major at Charleston Southern University and a Brand Ambassador for the Office of Marketing & Communication.

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