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A Music City mission

The sound of the tornado siren was nothing surprising. Every time we get a storm, the sirens go on and off intermittently at the slightest bristle of wind, and most of us living here in North Nashville have gotten used to it. Every few years, I’ll hear about a devastating tornado in another state which […]

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Alum’s work rooted in call to help low-income

Bernie Mazyck ’81 helped found the South Carolina Association for Community Economic Development in 1994. He is currently the president and CEO of SCACED. Previously, he worked with a number of local grassroots nonprofit organizations who were working in low-income communities trying to help them develop affordable housing, create jobs, start businesses,  and attract capital to […]

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Gil Truesdale ’86 finds balance

It was Christmastime 2016 when Gil Truesdale’s youngest daughter, in her early 20s, said, “This is the longest you’ve been home since I was born.”  Truesdale calls it a gut-wrenching moment. He was at home for a 10-week stretch across 2016 and 2017, not because he took a break from traveling for his corporate job […]

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Athletic training alum hailed as local hero

On Valentine’s Day this year, Marlin Brown ’08, ‘11 began his Sunday at church and followed it with lunch. He looked forward to spending the rest of the day with his girlfriend, but wanted to make a stop at Northwoods Mall in search of the perfect Valentine’s gift. As he walked past JCPenney with his […]

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Alumni Spotlight: Dennis Greene ’86

Dennis Greene spent 32 years in the U.S. Air Force, retiring as a Colonel. He retired from a second career as a Federal Investigator with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in Denver Oct. 31, 2020, and serves as Executive Director of the Denver Technological Center/Greenwood Village Chamber of Commerce, located in one of the nation‘s top 30 economic zones […]

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Woman Wednesday Series: Dr. June Scobee Rodgers ’71

Dr. June Scobee Rodgers holds the distinction of being the first woman and the first alumnus guest speaker at a CSU Commencement ceremony, in 1987. During her career as an educator, she was a national speaker on educating gifted children. Her late husband, Francis R. Scobee, was commander of the space shuttle The Challenger, which […]

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Alumni: Lisa Grant MS ’17

Lisa Grant grew up in Awendaw and currently lives in Northern Virginia. She graduated with a Master of Science in supply chain management in 2017. Grant is a proud mother  to her teenage son, Courey. In addition, she is a Real Estate Agent and founder of See Wee Homes, LLC.  Art To me art is our imagination rooted in reality. It’s taking our creative subconscious thoughts and giving them life, […]

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Young Alumni: Madi Kirkwood ’20

Madi Kirkwood ’20, graphic design major/business administration minor, is the owner and designer for Mae Creative, a freelance graphic design company specializing in branding and advertising. While at CSU, she completed five internships including CSU Marketing and Communication, Obviouslee Marketing, and Trident United Way. She’s been featured in Indigo, the annual CSU graphic design newsletter in 2019 and 2020. She resides in Charleston where she is on her sixth internship as a social media manager […]

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Foster kid to college VP

Pulling up to the dorm at Stanford University as a member of the Aspen Presidential Fellowship was a watershed moment for Dr. Kimberly Britt ’94. Britt is in a community college presidential leadership program run by Stanford University and the Aspen Institute.  Britt qualified for the program as the vice president of academic and student affairs at Reynolds Community College […]

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Morrall siblings establish scholarship

[Be] that type of person that has your hands open. If you can do something for a person, do it and be finished with it. It’s about if you can help that person. And that’s all it is.  Irene Morrall The Morrall siblings, Abraham Jr. ’78, Angela ’84, Corteze ’86 and Lloyd ’85, are passing on the legacy of helping others that they learned from […]

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