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Christian artist performs and shares for Arts Week

By CSU Media | February 28, 2018
Andrew Peterson

As part of CSU’s 5th annual Arts Week, Nashville recording artist, Andrew Peterson, entertained and witnessed through his words and songs to an appreciative chapel audience.  

Horton School of Music Chair Jennifer Luiken described Peterson as a touchstone artist who has a way of presenting the gospel in an overt, yet covert way.  He delivered as advertised with a variety of songs that spoke to the human spirit. 

Between songs, Peterson spoke of getting married as a sophomore in college and how he hoped life would be a big adventure.  He also dedicated a song to the shooting tragedy in Florida by singing lyrics that promised “After the last tear falls, there is love.”

In moments of self-reflection, he spoke of advice he’d offered his teenaged daughter who was constantly unsure of herself.  He performed a song he wrote to her that said, “Be kind to yourself, I love you just the way you are.”

Peterson has a new album that will release in the spring.  Before singing an original song called “Is He Worthy,”  students were encouraged to read Revelation 5 to understand his inspiration for what he is trying to say. 

Peterson’s approach to his music and beliefs provide the perfect backdrop for thought-provoking introspection.  His lyrics and songwriting style, while intentional, allow for individual interpretation that can speak to all of us on a variety of levels.

The lilting words of the first song he performed encapsulate the message he seeks to convey:

“Just as I am, Just as I was.
Just as I will be, He loves me He does.”

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