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CSU alumni make top business list

By CSU Media | August 7, 2019
Photo courtesy of the Baptist Courier. Danny and Debra Nicholson spend time with some of the Connie Maxwell children.

Two Charleston Southern University graduates have made FLEX College Prep’s 47 Top Entrepreneurs & CEOs with Liberal Arts Degrees list.

Danny Nicholson ’84, president of Connie Maxwell Children’s Home, is listed at #31, and Millicent Brown Lann ’93, managing partner of Premier Care, is listed at #40. Both graduated with communication degrees. View the entire list here.

Millicent Brown Lann is a managing partner of Premier Care.

FLEX College Prep said, “The critical thinking skills, broad perspective and lifelong learning habits of the typical liberal arts major lend themselves well to a wide variety of career pathways and goals.” FLEX determined their Top Entrepreneur’s & CEOs with Liberal Arts Degrees through researching the Inc.5000 List.

FLEX College Prep is a consulting agency helping families with college prep.

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