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CSU Chapel: Are you hardened, hesitant or whoever?

By Jan Joslin | January 15, 2020
DJ Horton speaks at Charleston Southern Chapel

As a pastor, DJ Horton is amazed at people’s response to the gospel. Using John 12:37-50, Horton shared the three responses people have when the gospel is shared.

“Most of what life is – is how you respond,” said Horton, senior pastor of Church at The Mill in Spartanburg, and a newly elected member of the CSU Board of Trustees. 

Acknowledging that many in the audience had probably heard the gospel many times, Horton said there are those who respond by not believing.

He said there are three responses illustrated in John 12:

  1. The Hardened, vs 37-41

Horton said there is a struggle when you are young and faced with the pleasures of the world versus following Christ. “What I would say to you is there is no biblical precedent promising you tomorrow,” he said. He gave ways to help the hardened:

  • Love
  • Pray
  • Enjoy and follow Christ
  • Hope
  • Keep Sharing
  1. The Hesitant, vs. 42-43

There are some who believe in Christ but do not confess Him out of fear. “They love the glory that comes from men more than the glory that comes from God,” said Horton. “They choose not to live out their faith. The most miserable place to be is someone who believes in Christ but does not live for Him.” His advice for those ministering to the hesitant crowd is to love one another, challenge one another, and remind them that the Bible celebrates the reality that there are new mercies every morning.”

  • The Whoever, vs. 44-50

The last group is those who acknowledge Christ and live for Him. Horton said, “Our joy and glory is found in Jesus. The sufficiency of who He is is enough.” 

Horton said, “The testimony of the validity of my conversion is seen in the Spirit of God in me.” He said his greatest wish is that the people he comes in contact with would sense the presence of God in his life. “That’s how you respond to Jesus,” said Horton. “Keep chasing and keep growing.”

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