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CSU one of two SC colleges to provide self-diagnostic kiosk on campus

By Jenna Johnson | January 31, 2023

Charleston Southern University has installed a free self-diagnostic medical kiosk in the Student Center that provides the campus population fast and safe 24/7/365 access to self-diagnostic COVID tests. 

Through a partnership with LTS Health, based in Virginia, CSU becomes one of only two universities in South Carolina to offer the TestandGoTM kiosks—available at no-cost to the consumer, regardless of one’s insurance status. 

Students, faculty, and staff can secure self-diagnostic tests from the kiosk by following a simple, four-step process:

  1. Register for your test by either using a mobile device, online portal, or by following the prompts on the kiosk. 
  2. Collect dispensed test and follow the directions in the package to administer your test. Once completed, seal the package back up.
  3. Return to the kiosk and scan the QR code on the package. Then, place it back into the collection unit. 
  4. Receive results in 24-48 hours either by text or email. 

LTS Health helps universities, trade schools, and other academic institutions with safe and quick access to testing via kiosks, available through grants and direct payments as well as state and federal funding.

“By providing COVID-19 testing and vaccination services to 55% of the U.S. population, LTS saw first-hand how social determinants can create real and meaningful barriers to communities’ access to quality health care,” said Tammy Anderson, senior vice president of sales and marketing at LTS Health. “We created TestandGoTM kiosks to overcome disparities in economic stability, neighborhood environments, social contexts, and education opportunities to ensure all individuals have equal access to high quality medical tests and services.”

CSU’s Vice President for Student Life Clark Carter said, “I am excited about the access and affordability that this unit will provide to all of our CSU community. Anyone can be tested with this kiosk.”

For now, only COVID tests will be available. However, the university hopes to add a variety of tests as a benefit to the campus population. The tests are FDA EUA approved and accept third-party payer billing—including Medicare/Medicaid. There is live customer support and multilingual capability on the kiosk.

Anderson believes this proactive approach to self-diagnostic testing is just the beginning. “TestandGoTM kiosks have the potential to revolutionize the health care system,” she said. “LTS is incredibly grateful to our academic partners across the U.S.”

Learn more about LTS and the kiosk program at

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