A Moment to Treasure

The Blessing of the Rings

CSU will host a special Blessing of the Rings event in honor of those receiving their class rings. The Blessing of the Rings will feature the class rings in horse drawn carriage carried reverently down the brick pathway by the Reflection Pond, stopping in front of Lightsey Chapel, and then guarded by Air Force ROTC members for the remainder of the day. This momentous occasion showcases a new tradition that rings in the annual Ring Ceremony later that week.

The Ceremony

The 2024 Ring Ceremony will be held on Friday, April 19 around the Reflection Pond. The ceremony will begin at 6:30 p.m. and will last approximately an hour, immediately followed by a reception with heavy hors d’oeuvres.

The first ring ceremony at CSU was held on Friday, April 22, 2022. This kicked off an annual tradition that will forever remain in a CSU Buccaneer’s memories.

Charleston Southern University students and alumni have a tangible treasure to remind them and others of their collegiate accomplishments with an official CSU Ring.

Students who have completed 60 or more earned hours on their official transcript and purchased the official CSU Ring during Ring Week or prior are eligible to participate in a traditional Ring Ceremony. Graduate students who have completed half of their required hours may also purchase their ring and participate in the ceremony.

Rings are presented to each recipient by the CSU President at the Ring Ceremony, and each participant will have a photo taken to mark the treasured moment for each Buccaneer.

Ring Ceremony Attire


  • White button-down dress shirts with khaki pants and solid navy ties (navy bow ties permissible, small pattern acceptable)
  • Gentlemen must wear ties, belts, and dress shoes
  • White sport coats allowed
  • Gentlemen must wear white undershirts under all dress shirts


  • Solid white dresses (no patterns)
  • Alternatively, ladies may wear solid white jumpsuits or pants (no rompers)
  • Ladies may wear flats, dress sandals, heels, or wedges (make sure shoes are comfortable to walk in)

Important Information for Students

An RSVP is required in order to attend. All participants must reserve their ticket online prior to April 17, 2024. Though there is no limit on guest tickets, all guests must also register. Students can register up to four guests for free. There will be a $10 fee for any additional guests. Reserve your spot online. If you or your guest(s) require handicap accessibility, please indicate those needs on your event reservation form.

Participants should arrive fully dressed by 5:45 p.m. in Lightsey Chapel to be lined up to receive their rings.

About the Ring

The CSU ring is an important symbol of the school’s mission and commitment to faith since its founding nearly 60 years ago. It showcases the official academic icon signifying Scripture at its very foundation, and “Charleston Southern University – 1964” wrapping around the perimeter of the ring’s face.

Rings are available in white or yellow gold, silver, or lustrium in an antique or satin finish.