Laurel Bohrer

Director, International Student Services
Hunter Center
P843-863-7068 /


BA Christian Education
MA Christian Education
MA Applied Linguistics and TESOL

I spent the last 25 years of my life overseas in Nigeria, China, and Thailand. I have a BA from Wheaton College, an MA in Christian Education from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and an MA in Applied Linguistics and Teaching English as a Second Language from the University of Leicester (UK).

In China, I enjoyed homeschooling my daughters and working cross-culturally with many different kinds of people.
In Thailand, I taught high school Mandarin 1 & 2 for 4 years and then taught ESOL for 4 years. I like researching multi-lingual issues, particularly difficulties students face who don’t have an L1 (ie. bilingual or trilingual children without a true first language).

My husband has an MBA and has worked overseas with several businesses, but currently he pastors an international church here in Charleston.

I have two daughters, both of whom grew up overseas and attended international school. Starting university in the US was the first time they really “lived” in the US. Their observations and experiences adapting to US culture help me better serve the international students at CSU.

Your Purpose. Our Mission.

I choose to work at CSU because I love the opportunity I have here to serve international students in a Christian environment and help them adjust to life in the US.

Laurel Bohrer