Valerie Sessions

Director of Graduate Study in Computer Science

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Computer Science and Engineering, University of South Carolina (PhD)
Computer and Information Science, University of Charleston and the Citadel (MS)
Computer Science College of Charleston, Minors in math and physics (BS)

Vallerie Sessions

Valerie Sessions serves as affiliate professor of computer science. She is also employed by the Naval Information Warfare Center (NIWC), Atlantic as a computer scientist. Her research interests vary widely and include data quality, development of exoskeleton standards, video management systems, and video analytics. She received her Doctorate in computer science and engineering from the University of South Carolina. She serves on several advisory committees including the Global Privacy and Information Quality Working Group (GPIQWG) of the U.S. Department of Justice, Charleston Women in Tech, Palmetto Roost, and the Program Committee for the International Conference on Information Quality.

40 Under 40 Charleston Regional Business Journal
Palmetto Roost Chapter of the Association of Old Crows Crow of the Year
Stuart Madnick Best Paper Award International Conference on Information Quality, MIT

Board Member, Charleston Women in Tech
Educational Director, Palmetto Roost Chapter of the AOC
Association of Computing Machinery