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Esports club exploding in campus rec

By Brianna Parker | December 8, 2023

Sports have been seen as the ultimate physical competition between players around the world. They have united fans on a global scale to support their favorite players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Serena Williams, and Tom Brady. 

In this day of age with the increases in technology, we have taken the next step with esports. If you grew up competing in games such as Super Mario, then take it to the big leagues. Esports allows for more people to be involved in the benefits of competition. 

Opening a pathway for more individuals to be a part of a community, Charleston Southern has had the amazing opportunity to get involved in this program. Campus Recreation is fielding esports teams which are competing in the Rocket League and Smash Ultimate.

They are taking it up a notch and eventually plan to be competing in the Big South Conference and against schools like Clemson University. 

One student taking advantage of this up-and-coming atmosphere is Matthew Hughes. He gave us an inside look into the big plans of CSU’s esports program stating, “Esports is a program just starting up this year and will soon partake in the Big South competition in games starting with Super Smash Bros and Valorant. We are now in the process of building an arena and setting up teams.” 

CSU esports hope to bring in the gold and increase their fan base for this new and improved competition. To learn more follow them on Instagram or contact

Brianna Parker is a graduate assistant with the office of marketing and communication. She is pursuing a masters in project management.

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