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Florence’s corner and closet

By Brianna Parker | January 11, 2024

Nursing school is known to be one of the most mentally challenging programs that any university offers. Through grueling coursework, labs, and hospital hours it can be hard to find a time to relax and refocus. Luckily for student nurses at Charleston Southern University, faculty members have taken the initiative to provide their nurses with the resources they need. 

Talking with Ms. McIntyre and Ms. Kiser, they truly put into picture the intensity of what nursing students endure and how two of these resources can help students be prepared. They highlighted that nursing students are not only preparing for real-world scenarios but many of their studies are focused on the NCLEX board exams. Being one of the biggest stressors for nursing students, the resources provided by CSU have assisted this past cohort in obtaining a 100% pass rate for this board exam. 

One of the new resources available is Florence’s Cozy Corner, located in Room 111 in D.P. Wingo Hall. This corner office has been organized and redesigned to give nursing students a quiet place of relaxation. Inside, students can find a massage chair, a bible, and an Alexa to help find physical and spiritual/mental relaxation, as well as inspiring decor centered around the lady who has pushed nursing into this new realm, Florence Nightingale. Ms. Kiser stated, “This isn’t a million-dollar space, but it makes you feel like it is a million-dollar space. It’s worth the feeling when you leave.” The room is a quiet area for students to come, decompress, and refocus back into the world. But also, there is an increase in nursing students who are mothers, and this space allows them to be with their children and breastfeed if necessary.

The next resource is Florence’s Closet located also in room 115, D.P. Wingo Hall. This idea first came about over the summer by Ms. McIntyre when she found extra scrubs lying around. Her vision was to help nursing students who needed pairs of scrubs, forgot it was a lab day, or would like extra so they were not paying out of pocket. One pair can cost upwards of $50 to $60 when buying new. Whether it was a financial burden or simply a forgetful day, Ms. McIntyre wants her students to be ready to learn not stressed. The closet is organized by size running from 2X-small to 3X-large with tall sizes to come. Students are encouraged to give them to Ms. McIntyre at the end of their senior year towards finals week. 

Becoming a nurse can be one of the most rewarding careers for a student, but also one of the most demanding. If you need any help or resources, please do not hesitate to reach out to Ms. McIntyre or Ms. Kiser so they can assist you in the best means.

Brianna Parker is a graduate assistant with the office of marketing and communication. She is pursuing a masters in project management.

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