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Get to know CSU’s new president – Dr. Dondi Costin

By CSU Media | August 16, 2018
Vickey and Dondi Costin

Did you know?

  • His name really is Dondi. His parents named him for a movie about a comic strip character, a war orphan named Dondi.

  • He came to CSU from the Pentagon where he was Air Force Chief of Chaplains and a two-star general.

  • He was the Parade Grand Marshal for the North Carolina Azalea Festival in 2017 in his hometown of Wilmington.

  • He has earned 5 master’s degrees and 2 doctorates.

  • He carried the Olympic Torch in 1996 after winning the Dallas/Fort Worth Community Hero honors.

  • He is a 2-time Boston Marathon Qualifier (based on his 2016 Chicago Marathon time of 3:26:32).

  • He says his claim to fame is he went to high school with Michael Jordan.

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