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Largest sorority on campus places emphasis on sisterhood, faith

By Wesley Myers | December 9, 2019

Alpha Delta Pi sorority has formed a community based in sisterhood, service and leadership. 

Alpha Delta Pi, commonly known as ADPi, is the oldest secret society for women in the world, and the Theta Chi chapter at CSU is a small part of the national sorority. The CSU chapter started in 2014 and has grown to over 60 members, with the group expanding each year. It is the largest sorority on campus.  

Alpha Delta Pi member crowned Homecoming Queen 2019 at Charleston Southern University
Macey Wilson, a member of Alpha Delta Pi, was crowned Homecoming Queen Oct. 5, 2019. Also pictured, Homecoming King Cameron Buskirk. Photo by Richard Esposito

Sororities at CSU often face a great deal of backlash due to common stereotypes surrounding Greek life. The sisters at CSU have worked hard to overcome these stereotypes with a strong emphasis on enriching the CSU community and providing strong Christian connections for their members.  

While ADPi is not inherently a religious organization, the blending of their ideas of sisterhood and community, along with CSU’s emphasis on faith in leading, learning and serving, is apparent. Sydney Brown, a senior and the campus relations chair for the Theta Chi chapter, said, “We’re here for high education standards, leadership and for each other.” 

The sorority provides a place where women can be themselves, surrounded by a supporting group of sisters. “I’m allowed to be myself, and I don’t have to put on a front, like ‘I’m strong, I’m here and I can do it all,’ I can be vulnerable and I can go to my sisters whenever I need to express my emotions.” said Gabby D’Amico, who joined ADPi in 2018 and is now serving as leadership chair.  

ADPi has a rich history of philanthropy, which can be seen through the sororities ties to the Ronald McDonald House, a charity that provides housing for families who have children in medical care. The Theta Chi chapter raised almost $3,000 for the charity last year alone, as well as regularly volunteering to help clean the house and cook for families who are staying there. 

“It’s made me into a better person, because I want to be better for my sisters,” said Peyton Morrison, a member of ADPi for one year and recruitment information manager. 

There are 20 leadership positions available in the Theta Chi chapter alone, as well as opportunities to work with other chapters. “My organization and my time management have gotten better because I’ve been put in positions where I have to be good at it,” Brown said.  

Ultimately, the sorority serves as a place of opportunity for the women of CSU, a place to serve and come together and learn to lead.

Brown said, “ADPi is a home away from home; it’s where you’re going to find the people who will be your best friends for the rest of your life, the bridesmaids at your wedding, and it’ll be the people who challenge you and constructively critique you, and you’re probably going to argue with some of them, and you’re going to cry with most of them, but at the end of the day it’s having someone who has my back 24/7, no matter who I am or what I do.” 

Wesley Myers is a student contributor for Marketing & Communication and is a senior majoring in communication studies.

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