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Miss CSU 2022 makes lasting impact

By Jan Joslin | December 16, 2022
Miss CSU welcomes guests to the silent auction to raise funds for graphic design and art.

When Brittany Priester was crowned Miss Charleston Southern 2022 in November 2021, she embraced the role with gusto and hasn’t slowed down since.

Promoting a platform of the arts, Priester has organized fundraisers for the CSU graphic design and art programs, hosted painting nights on campus, hosted dance classes for all ages, and more. A December 2021 graduate, she was the entrepreneurship and graphic design academic awards winner at the annual Awards Day.

How did you decide to raise funds for graphic design and art?

My time at CSU has taught me how to be an effective business person and graphic designer, but I also learned my purpose, what it means to be a servant leader, and how to pursue a significant life through my calling. I decided to raise funds for the CSU Graphic Design and Art Department because I wanted to give back to the program that helped me grow and flourish during my time at CSU. Growing up, I was always artsy. I knew I would love to be an artist, but I always told myself no because I thought I needed to have a sensible job. When I toured CSU, I sat down with an enrollment counselor, and they handed me the course curriculum to obtain a degree in Graphic Design. I decided to take a leap of faith and enroll in the program. I learned what is possible with an art degree and the career options that are now available to me. Knowing how life-changing that can be, I wanted to help the program have the resources to reach more potential students.

How much have you raised?

Over this past year, I have held three major fundraisers, and I am super excited to present a check to the university on November 12 when I give away my crown to the next deserving young woman. We are still totaling up the final number, but I can say that it is over $3,000. That money will go directly to the CSU Graphic Design and Art Department and will be used to upgrade the Art Studio and promote the program to reach and serve more students.

Why are you so passionate about promoting the arts?

I know firsthand how beneficial they can be. Those with access to the arts do better in school and their future careers because through art they develop creative thinking and problem-solving skills, perseverance, teamwork, cross-cultural understanding, and so much more. That being said, not everyone has access to art programs. That is why during my reign as Miss CSU, I made it my mission to develop programs in the local community that allowed people to try out art forms and engage with the arts as well as to raise money and help promote current arts programs and businesses in the area.

What’s next?

I have my own business, Brittany Priester Graphic Design, work as the marketing and communications manager at Ignite Dance Competition, and teach dance at Planet Dance Center for the Arts. 

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