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Monitoring Hurricane Ian

By Jenna Johnson | September 26, 2022

The Charleston Southern University Emergency Management Team is monitoring the path and projected impacts of Hurricane Ian. According to the National Hurricane Center, the storm will rapidly intensify as it heads toward Cuba and the western Florida coast this week. It’s likely the storm will lose strength as it approaches the United States later in the week, and it will not be a direct hit for our coast as it would be if it came from the Atlantic. 

Forecasters in our area predict possible moderate to heavy rainfall Thursday and Friday, which could result in flooding in low-lying and poor-draining areas in the Charleston region. Gusty winds are also possible later in the week, but more likely over the coastal waters and along the immediate coast.  

Additional updates are expected in the next 48 hours. As of now, CSU will remain on its current operating schedule. If the storm picks up speed, changes path, and/or intensifies, we will alert the campus of possible closure and evacuation to ensure the safety of our campus family. As always, important updates will be sent via campuswide email, with urgent releases also communicated via BucAlert, the website, and social media as necessary. 

In the meantime, brush up on CSU’s emergency procedures here as well as personal emergency planning with the latest Hurricane Guide here

Remember, CSU has weathered many storms of all shapes and sizes—and our ultimate priority is the safety of our CSU Family. Stay safe, watch your inbox for updates, and pray for Ian to become nothing but a light breeze! 

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