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Music allows Slice to impact lives

By Jan Joslin | January 5, 2019
Holly Slice

Holly Slice deliberated between pursuing music or medicine until she discovered the field of music therapy.  

An entrepreneur, Slice owns Lowcountry Pianist & Company LLC, is an adjunct professor in CSU’s music therapy department, owns With My Song LLC, a music therapy services business, and is a music instructor. She said, “I’m grateful that my education at CSU provided the training to be both a professional musician and a licensed therapist.”  

Born into a musical family, Slice began taking piano lessons at 4. “When I was 6 years old, I performed piano in front of my first audience and shortly after I began to share piano music on a monthly basis with residents at an assisted living facility,” she said. “This became my first paid position as one of the residents would faithfully give me a quarter each visit!” 

She said, “From my earliest moments music has been a significant part of every day.” She even met her husband during choir at CSU. Slice said, “Music is how I express my faith, how I cope with stress, how I release creativity, how I am able to earn a living, and so much more.” 

After graduating from CSU in 2014, Slice was a full-time music therapist in inpatient psychiatric care for two years. As her schedule permitted, she accepted performance opportunities. In 2016, she left her full-time position and began Lowcountry Pianist & Company LLC and pursued part-time positions in music therapy, education and worship. “Business ownership has always fascinated me due to the potential for continued growth, the opportunity to continually learn and pursue new challenges and the ability to handpick team members,” said Slice. 

Lowcountry Pianist & Company is comprised of 20 musicians, some she met through CSU. The company offers piano, guitar, vocal, harp, cello and violin services and accompanists at professional performances from weddings to corporate events and more. Lowcountry Pianist & Company was honored this year as the solo and ensemble company in South Carolina chosen for The Knot Best of Weddings. Slice said, “Our clients especially love our new portable baby grand that can be used at any indoor or outdoor event.” 

Lowcountry Pianist & Company

As an adjunct music therapy professor, she provides clinical supervision within special education and medical settings. Another recent venture is the creation of Taste of Crowfield, which provides Goose Creek area residents a fine dining experience close to home with music provided by Lowcountry Pianist & Co.  

Keeping up such a pace would exhaust most people, but Slice finds it energizing because each outlet is rewarding. She shares that her faith, her husband, family, friends, a big dog, a planner and pot of coffee help her remain balanced. 

Despite the hectic schedule, Slice said she wouldn’t trade it because she has such amazing opportunities and memories. She said: 

  • “I’ve had the privilege to provide music therapy services in the ICU with a church choir director who directed me in the hymn ‘Majesty’ as I stood at the foot of his bed. Although he was unable to speak, he had the opportunity to actively engage in music and express his faith just hours before he entered into heaven.” 
  • “Private lessons allow me to train the next generation of pianists, and it is incredibly rewarding to see a student progress from learning one note to playing advanced selections with all 10 fingers.” 
  • “Performances are humbling as I have the privilege to be present for the big moments in life: weddings, birthdays, funerals, ribbon cuttings, engagements, and more.” 
  • “Finally, every Sunday I have the opportunity to lead the body of Christ in worship, giving opportunities ‘to praise the Lord through song with a rejoicing heart, giving thanks to Him,’” (Psalm 28:7).

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