The Relationship Talk

By CSU Media | February 14, 2019
Relationship Panel

What do you talk about in Chapel the day before Valentine’s Day? Relationships, of course.

Students responded live to questions through the Buc Nation app, and a panel of students and employees gave their responses on stage.

Questions ranged from the humorous to the serious with 93 percent of students saying the male should initiate the relationship; 57 percent think kissing on the first date is ok; 74 percent look to family members as their role models in relationships, and 90 percent don’t think you should date a godly person that you don’t find attractive. 

Brittney Greer, residence life coordinator, told the single women in the audience they don’t have to manipulate their dating situation. She said, “We need to be the best person we can be, and God will bring the right person to us.”

“Relationships are God’s idea,” said Dr. William Librizzi, associate professor of psychology. He said after spending years as a counselor, he thinks there is nothing better than a good relationship and nothing worse than a bad one. He advised students to crack the book [Bible] and get on their knees and pray before contacting someone they are interested in.

Femke van Rensburg, a member of the tennis team, said her parents are her role models in relationships. She said, “Pop culture today doesn’t model healthy relationships.”

Fred Applin, head coach of women’s basketball, has been married 31 years. He said he attributed that to asking God to put a godly woman in his life that he could stay together with forever.

President Dondi Costin summed up the panel with the advice that marriage should last you 50+ years. He said, “Consider the marriage vows. If the person is not the kind of person who can keep these vows, move on. Don’t settle for anybody less than that.”


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