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Vaccine available to ages 65+

By Jenna Johnson | February 8, 2021

DHEC announced that beginning today, February 8, any South Carolina resident aged 65 or older, regardless of health status or preexisting conditions, can begin scheduling COVID-19 vaccine appointments. You may use the following link to search for convenient locations currently accepting appointments:

According to DHEC, 81.7% of COVID-19 deaths in our state have been among this age group. The average age for COVID-related deaths is 75 in South Carolina. 

South Carolina remains in Phase 1a at this time. The state will expedite access to additional state residents—including teachers and others in Phase 1b—based on the use of the vaccine, number of appointments made, and vaccine supply. Phase 1c—ages 16-64 years old with underlying health conditions and other essential workers—is planned for late spring. Phase 2 is planned in the summer to fall timeframe, which will be for all people who wish to be vaccinated.

You should continue to monitor COVID updates, including vaccine availability, at DHEC’s website. The University Pandemic Task Force also maintains a compilation of COVID-19 facts and latest news here.

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