Discover Your Purpose as a Public Health Major

The public health profession is rapidly growing and can lead to careers in many of the fastest growing professions throughout the country. The rise of lifestyle-related illnesses, an unsustainable increase in healthcare costs, and the need for preventive medicine combine to create a pivotal and exciting time to become a public health professional. The field of public health is a thriving industry, and you have chosen an important time to make a difference in the well-being of our communities, schools, and workplaces.

The public health undergraduate programs also provide individuals with a strong academic foundation to pursue graduate education in public health and a variety of health-related fields. Those with public health degrees keep communities healthy, protect workers, prevent and address pandemics, pursue social justice, drive public policy, spearhead disaster relief, ensure access to healthcare, and more. 

Choose a Public Health Degree Program

The Bachelor of Science (BS) in public health degree program at CSU is ideal for students interested in clinical fields such as occupational health, medicine, physician assistant, nutrition, occupational therapy, epidemiology, physical therapy, and speech pathology.

Students completing the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in public health degree program can pursue careers or further education in areas such as health promotion, law, child life, counseling, advocacy, education, and social work.


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Experience a Faith-Based Public Health Education

The integration of faith and learning occurs in course development and instruction throughout all public health courses. Students receive a solid foundation in public health knowledge and principles, presented from a biblical worldview. Presenting a faith-based education allows public health students to be intellectually prepared for the workforce, where they will be presented with a variety of opportunities to integrate faith in their daily practice to make a kingdom impact. Public health professionals can expect to integrate their faith through care and compassion in clinical practice settings, sharing the Gospel with individuals through educational programming, or utilizing Biblically rooted ethical values in policy creation and healthcare implementation. No matter the career, public health advocates have the ability to integrate their faith through serving communities and impacting lives.

BS graduates are equipped for public health jobs/careers like…

  • Epidemiologist (requires additional studies), Median Salary: $78,830
  • Dietitian/Nutritionist, Median Salary: $61,650
  • Environmental Scientist/Specialist, Median Salary: $76,530
  • Physician/Surgeon (requires additional studies), Median Salary: $208,000
  • Physician Assistant (requires additional studies), Median Salary: $121,530
  • Occupational Therapist (requires additional studies), Median Salary: $85,570
  • Physical Therapist (requires additional studies), Median Salary: $95,620
  • Speech-Language Pathologist (requires additional studies), Median Salary: $79,060

BA graduates are equipped for public health jobs/careers like…

  • Public Health Specialist, Median salary $52,000
  • Public Health Analyst, Median salary $68,000
  • Health Education Specialist, Median salary $60,600
  • Healthcare Social Worker, Median salary $60,840
  • Community Health Worker, Median salary $46,590
  • Research Assistant/Coordinator, Median salary varies
  • Lawyer (Health, Environmental, Occupational Law; requires additional studies), Median salary $127,990
  • Child Life Specialist (may require additional studies), Median salary $60,380
  • Healthcare Administrator (may require additional studies), Median salary $101,340

All salary information retrieved from: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook.

Public Health Internships

The public health program promotes a vibrant and friendly academic environment that will foster your personal and professional development. Our curriculum is designed to meet national standards and encourages hands-on experience to apply what you learn in class within practical settings.

In their final year of study, public health students are required to complete an internship which aligns with their professional goals. Through integrating volunteer/internship opportunities with local, regional, and global partners, public health students can expect a number of opportunities for growth outside of the traditional classroom setting.

Community partners for internships and volunteer work include:

Health Science building
explore our facilities

Health Science Building

The building houses CSU’s undergraduate and graduate degree programs in healthcare, including the physician assistant program and public health. An addition is currently under construction to house the future physical therapy program.

Being a part of the public health program here at CSU has been a great experience that has prepared me for my future. The professor’s lead and teach with servant heart’s, which has helped me as a student become more engaged with my courses and connected with my faith.

Qwaheem Johnson | BA in Public Health | 2022 Graduate

I believe God used the Public Health program at CSU to help shape who and where I am today in my current career. Not only did I gain valuable skills and real-world experience throughout the program, but the support and encouragement I received from my professors was invaluable. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from a Biblical perspective as it serves as a daily reminder that I can truly shine a light for the Lord wherever He leads me.

Emily Sweatt | BS in Public Health | 2020 Public Health Graduate of the Year, Rural Health Agent for Clemson Extension, Darlington County

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