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Aeronautics Simulation Lab opens on campus 

By Jan Joslin | April 18, 2023

In its second year of classes, the aeronautics degree program at CSU utilizes a combination of instruction on and off campus. Flight and Simulation Training Curriculum is administered by CRAFT Flight Training and Simulation off campus. All ground school and academic courses are taught on campus. 

Professor Lloyd Richardson, chair of the department of aeronautics, recently worked with CSU graphic designer Daniel Taylor ’22 to convert a former lounge space into a campus aeronautics simulation lab. 

Richardson said, “According to the Federal Aviation Administration’s U.S. Civil Airmen Statistics, women comprise less than 5% of Airline Transport Certificate holders in 2022. Against the cultural norms, Amelia Earhart broke down the barriers that suggested women are only suited for domestic duties. After setting many flying records and championing the advancement of women in aviation, she continues to inspire female pilots.”   

He said, “This mural echoes Earhart’s sentiment to our students that ‘fears are paper tigers’ and our Flying Buccaneers are not constrained by gender, color, or background.” 

Earhart’s quote is also a reminder to all students that aviation requires a degree of fortitude and courage not commonly found in other professions. 

Aeronautics Sim Lab
Photos by Ty Cornett / Wall Graphics by Daniel Taylor ’22 

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