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Alumni: Angela Morrall ’84

By CSU Media | January 14, 2021
Angela Morrall '84 Charleston Southern University
Angela Morrall ’84 is an Enterprise Architect in the Chief Information Office G-6 at the Office of the Secretary of Defense at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Photo provided

Angela Morrall ’84 is an Enterprise Architect in the Chief Information Office G-6 at the Office of the Secretary of Defense at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. She has served 33 years in Federal Civil Service. She holds a master’s degree in computer resources and information management from Webster University and has earned numerous leadership certificates. 

Staying current in a rapidly changing world  

I read books, magazines, laws, policies, regulations, guidance, strategies, procedures, correspondence, memorandums, attend seminars, training courses, etc., pertaining to Information Technology (IT). Also, I Train the Trainer, Train and Retrain. 

Insider Tips to Successful Leadership 

Focus your energy on your employees and other people. Have an interest in your employees’ careers and their contributions to the world. Provide training opportunities to your employees or have their position descriptions updated in order to get your employees promoted.     

Angela’s Leadership Development Plan  

  1. Leading Change: Develop your leading change strategy. I read The Resilience Factor: 7 Keys to Finding Your Inner Strength and Overcoming Life’s Hurdles by Karen Reivich, Andrew Shattle PhD. 
  2. Leading People: Develop your ability to lead people by enhancing your conflict management strategy. I read The Art of Managing Everyday Conflict: Understanding Emotions and Power Struggles, by Erik A. Fisher and Steven W. Sharp.   
  3. Results Driven: Develop your results driven skills by working on your decisiveness and problem solving strategies. I read How Great Decisions Get Made: 10 Easy Steps for Reaching Agreement on Even the Toughest Issues, by Don Maruska, Margaret Wheatley. In all of the jobs that I have held throughout my career, I have made it my business to know and make friends with the janitor on up. 
  4. Business Acumen: Improve your ability to manage information technology projects and resources strategically. I read Information Technology Project Management: Providing Measurable Organizational Value by Jack T. Marchewka. I strengthen my business acumen by developing my Information Management strategy. I read Management of Technology: Managing Effectively in Technology–Intensive Organizations by Hans J. Thamhain.   
  5. Build Coalitions: Improve your alliances with internal and external groups by building coalitions strategies. I was able to sharpen my political savvy and influencing/negotiating strategies because I read a book titled Political Savvy:  Systematic Approaches to Leadership Behind-the Scenes, by Joel R. DeLuca. 

Keeping Your Team Motivated 

I empower employees with the resources to accomplish their duties. Stimulate employees to be self-starters who are willing to take the initiative to do any task. Demonstrate excellent followership. Coach employees to be accountable, have high self-esteem and to be very productive. Keep leaders and employees abreast of organizational changes.   

One of the tools in my personal leadership philosophy is the chain reaction effect of empowering others with knowledge: I empower you with knowledge; your payment to me is to empower someone else with knowledge. My quote is that “leaders and employees should always be willing to self-sacrifice for the team and team members.” 

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