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First EdD cohort student published

By CSU Media | January 22, 2021
Emily Enloe EdD doctoral student at Charleston Southern
Emily Enloe. Photo provided

Emily Enloe, a dance instructor, and a student in the Doctor of Education in leadership program, is the first EdD student to have an article published in a scholarly journal.

Strategies: A Journal for Physical and Sport Educators has published “Social and Emotional Learning Through Creative Movement in the Physical Education Classroom.” Enloe explains how to integrate social and emotional learning into the physical education classroom of middle school students.

Enloe chose to write about this topic due to a recent push for schools and teachers to incorporate more social and emotional learning (SEL) into their daily lessons.

“This is often difficult to do as an educator when so many other things are also piled into a lesson plan or our focus is on a specific idea or skill,” she said. “My goal was to help inspire or show other teachers–whether in physical education, dance or other areas–that we can focus on our own standards and skills while also incorporating small bits of SEL as well.”

The cover of Enloe’s published work.

The EdD candidate entered the program with the goal to emerge a doctor in three years while learning and improving in her role as an educator and leader.

“In general, I want to influence teaching practices and improve the state of public education in some way. How that may happen, I am not entirely sure yet, but I am open to whatever opportunities and possibilities may come my way to make public education better for students and teachers,” Enloe added.

Charleston Southern University’s first Doctor of Education cohort began studies in January 2019. The program, with an emphasis in leadership, is designed to provide current and aspiring leaders with the opportunity to pursue a professional doctoral degree. It extends into all types of administrative leadership roles, including education, healthcare and business.

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