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Alumni: Dr. Ashley Milner ’89

By CSU Media | January 15, 2021
Dr. Ashley Milner ’89 is an Assistant Professor of Education at the University of Mobile in Mobile, Alabama. Photo provided

Dr. Ashley Milner ’89 is an Assistant Professor of Education at the University of Mobile in Mobile, Alabama. She is also an Early Childhood Specialist and is a National Board Certified Teacher. 

Teaching and Learning

I love working with children because they are curious, uninhibited, genuine, and enthusiastic about life and learning. I thrive on knowing that I have made a difference in the lives of my students, and I cherish the relationships I have developed with children and families. In my current position, preparing future teachers, I am blessed to be able to share my enthusiasm for teaching and learning with our future teachers. 

Motivating Future Teachers 

Providing future teachers with field experiences in the schools early in their coursework gets them motivated and keeps them motivated because this is where the real learning takes place for them. Sharing stories of student success, presenting lessons that are relevant, interactive, collaborative and engaging helps my future teachers see what it takes to keep their future students motivated and engaged.     

Coping with Remote Learning

We have participated in many Zoom class meetings, discussion forums, and video presentations during the pandemic. We have also integrated resources such as The Teaching Channel, NAEYC Virtual Institute, Cox Campus, and others to provide virtual field experience and professional development opportunities for our students.  

A Changing Educational Landscape 

In the coming years, I feel that teachers will be presenting learning experiences virtually on a regular basis; families will continue to be given the virtual school option, and we will all be much more conscientious about being in close proximity with others. These things in combination may contribute to a society that is less affectionate and compassionate which is concerning. I do feel that students, parents and other stakeholders have become much more aware of the value of school and the importance of personal human contact that takes place within schools since we have been forced to quarantine and maintain social distancing.  

Best Advice I’ve Been Given 

“Remember why you teach.” We teach for the joy of being with children and making a difference.  

Instilling in Future Educators 

I hope to instill a passion for teaching and learning in my future teachers. I hope that I model and instill positivity, encouragement, and enthusiasm for life itself and for helping children become happy, productive citizens. I hope that my future teachers see and cultivate the strengths and assets of each child. 

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