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How to budget for your first apartment 

Freeeeeedom! That’s probably the thought echoing in your head if you’re about to move into your first apartment. Whether you’re moving out of your parents’ place, leaving campus housing, or simply going out on your own for the first time, signing the lease on your first place is an exciting milestone. But all that excitement […]

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Renter’s and homeowner’s insurance

After living in dorms for the first few semesters of college, it is normal for students to move off campus. When students do end up moving off campus, there can be a lot of fees that they were not ready for or even had no idea that they would be having to pay for. Sometimes, […]

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Is long-term investing considered gambling?

Defining Long-Term Investments In order to differentiate long-term investing from gambling, we first have to cover some background on each. First, we’ll build a foundation on long-term investments. Most people know that long-term investing is critical for anyone who plans on retiring. Traditionally, an individual’s long-term investments have been managed by a bank or financial […]

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Why would I need a financial advisor?

Have you ever received a large sum of money and wondered what you should spend it on?  Maybe a particularly nice tax return, relief check, or inheritance? If this happened to you, did you take a moment to consider investing it for the future? I think most of us would have, even if just for […]

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Keeping money safe online

The 21st century has brought along many wonderful technological advancements.  Unfortunately, criminals various schemes to acquire your money will continue to evolve along with technology.  Keeping your hard-earned money safe is of upmost importance in this digital day and age.  Listed are some things you can do to keep your money safe: Set alert notifications on […]

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Why credit is important!

What is credit and Interest? Credit is money that you borrow from a lender and then pay the lender back by a specific date. For example, if you borrow $10 from your mom, you are the b0rrower and your mom is the lender. Something lenders can also do is add interest to the money you borrow. […]

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Student loans and borrowing: how to manage

Debt/Borrowing It is normal for any college student to wind up in a situation where they have debt or are considering borrowing more money to pay for their school, living, or even car expenses. What helps is to know where to borrow, and how to make sure that the borrowing does not become too much […]

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How does money work with faith?

5 Books About Integrating Your Faith Into Your Finances Even though the Bible is the ultimate source of wisdom regarding finances, there are so many books out there that can help you grow spiritually and help you better manage your money. It is so important to read every day, not only to grow your knowledge, […]

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Index Funds and ETFs

College Students and Index Funds In a lot of my client meetings, people ask questions about different types and options for investments. Though we are not able to give investment advice, I am always happy to explain the different vehicles and some of the pros and cons for each one. A lot of my clients […]

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What is this ‘Robinhood’ thing?

Center for Personal Financial Management Peer Coaches are not professionally trained advisors or accountants; we cannot provide specific financial advice or certify tax returns.  All counsel given is only educated advice. We’ve all heard of the parable of the talents.  You know, the one with the servants who are given funds by their master and […]

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