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How does money work with faith?

By Brianna Queen | April 1, 2024

5 Books About Integrating Your Faith Into Your Finances

Even though the Bible is the ultimate source of wisdom regarding finances, there are so many books out there that can help you grow spiritually and help you better manage your money. It is so important to read every day, not only to grow your knowledge, but to also challenge your viewpoints and way of thinking. As a college student, I usually read my class textbooks every day. This is not always fun per say, so I also like to add in “personal” reading everyday as well. Here is a list of five books that will help you grow your relationship with Christ, change the way you view money, and ultimately change your life for the better.

True Riches: What Jesus Really Said About Money and Your Heart

John Cortines & Gregory Baumer

True Riches is a four-part devotion book that invites the reader to transform in 4 ways. Pride to Gratitude so that we see everything as a gift. Coveting to Contentment so that we spend wisely. Anxiety to Trust so that we save appropriately. And Indifference to Love so that we give extraordinary. It’s full of scripture, personal stories, and practical application. This book can be read as a group or individually. It is perfect for those who are looking for a light read but a big change!

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Better Decisions, Fewer Regrets: 5 Questions to Help Determine Your Next Move

Andy Stanley

This book will not only equip you to make better financial decisions, it will also equip you to make better relational and professional decisions. Stanley asks the reader 5 decision-filtering questions: Am I being honest with myself? What story do I want to tell? Is there tension that deserves my attention? What is the wise thing to do? What does love require of me? These questions should serve as a “filter” for decisions BEFORE they happen. This light read will make you laugh but more importantly, it’ll change the way you make decisions for the rest of your life!

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Total Money Makeover

Dave Ramsey

This is Dave Ramsey’s, a personal finance advisor and radio show host, best-selling book. It has helped millions of families get rid of debt and change their lives forever with it’s simple 7-step plan. Total Money Makeover focuses on getting to the heart of your money problems- which is YOU. It is a plan that is for everyone- regardless of income or age (hint, hint, college students!).  With this book you’ll be able to design a sure-fire plan for paying off all debt, recognize the 10 most dangerous money myths, secure a healthy emergency fund and save for retirement, and positively change your life!

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Money, Possessions, and Eternity

Randy Alcorn

Why settle for short-lived treasures on Earth when God offers everlasting treasures in Heaven? In this book, Randy Alcorn shows us how to rethink our perspectives on money and possessions into God’s provision for our good, the good of others, and his glory. He presents a biblical and comprehensive view, including: Why is money important to God? Is prosperity theology right or wrong? How can we be liberated from materialism? And so many other questions. This is a pretty long book, so keep that in mind!

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The Blessed Life: Unlocking the Rewards of Generous Living

Robert Morris

Our culture today thinks it knows all about what it means to be #blessed. What does the Bible say about being blessed? How can we live truly blessed lives. Throughout this book, Robert Morris uses humor, passion, and clarity on what it means to living a blessed life, spiritually and financially. He shows that when God changes your heart from selfishness to generosity, every part of your life is affected. This book is a great read for someone who is looking for (or needs J) a change of heart when it comes to giving to others.

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I hope you can find value, knowledge, and the advice you need in these books. When you give God control of your finances, you will find more peace, less stress, and a greater connection with Him. He is the ultimate source of financial wisdom; these books just help put His principles into hopefully relatable and simpler wording. Now get to reading!

Brianna Queen, Peer Coach, Center for Personal Financial Management

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