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Why is innovation important?

For a business to succeed, it must be willing to innovate. A major part of leadership is being able to formally incorporate innovation into your plans. According to one study, “600 global business executives, managers, and professionals…pointed to leadership as the best predictor of innovation performance” (Barsh et al., 2019). A Master of Arts in […]

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How to be an empathetic leader

Empathy is a critical trait for all leaders. No leadership values list is complete without it. Dr. Tom McDonald says, “[Leaders] must show empathy, attunement, organizational awareness, influence, interest in developing others, inspiration, and teamwork. Are these qualities you’re creating in yourself? If not, you have precious little chance of becoming a powerful leader.”    What […]

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Why is emotional intelligence important?

Emotional Intelligence is more impactful than your Intelligence Quotient. When considering people for promotions, workers with high emotional intelligence get promoted 75% more than colleagues with high IQ but low EQ. Making emotional intelligence a priority for team members within an organization is essential. When team members understand each other’s behaviors, everyone will be better […]

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How to be a good communicator

Communication is a vital skill for leaders. In order for organizations to be successful, their leaders must be able to effectively communicate with their employees. Leaders with good communication skills have the power to propel a business forward. To be an effective leader, you must also be a good communicator. The most successful leaders refrain […]

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Where to study on campus

For Night Owls CSU’s newest student lounge and dining option, The Buc Stop, is the perfect place for night owls to study. The Buc Stop grill is open until 10:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday, but students are welcome to utilize the space any time. The lounge is crowded with students socializing and doing homework while […]

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Why it’s important to know how to lead through a crisis

Crises are inevitable in organizations. Success during a crisis will depend on how leadership handles the situation. A good leader can promote growth during an emergency, while a bad leader can break a company in the face of disaster.  One of the most important attributes of leading through a crisis is controlling what is seemingly […]

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Lead with a helping hand

Everybody needs a helping hand. Leaders can help individuals by leading them in the right direction. Here are four reasons why leaders should lend a hand. It Boosts Production When employees believe they are set up for success, they are inspired to be more productive. Lending a helping hand where needed will inspire others to […]

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5 critical leadership competencies

Leadership as a discipline has been studied for a long time. Leaders must be able to lead the organization, lead others, and lead themselves. Leadership competencies contribute to superior performance. Strong leaders are crucial in any organization. Without them, teams decrease in productivity, client satisfaction plummets, and chaos ensues. Here are five critical competencies which […]

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