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Exam study tips

As a senior, I’ve had to learn study habits during my academic career. Maybe some of what works for me will work for you also. Study habits are personal and what works for you might not work for others, so it is important to understand what works well for your own learning needs. We are […]

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How to: Build a Free, Secure, and Unlimited Personal Cloud

Data is essential in the 21st century. A quarter-century of digital transformation has gotten us here: to the advent of the Data Age. From floppy disk to CDs and hard disk to cloud, storage technologies have come a long way, transforming our memories and experiences from physical devices to virtual spaces. The impact and value […]

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Where to study on campus

For Night Owls CSU’s newest student lounge and dining option, The Buc Stop, is the perfect place for night owls to study. The Buc Stop grill is open until 10:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday, but students are welcome to utilize the space any time. The lounge is crowded with students socializing and doing homework while […]

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Pairing technology and other fields in applied computing

CSU’s new Bachelor of Arts in applied computing pairs a related discipline such as business, cybersecurity, or graphic arts with traditional computer science skills such as software development and computational problem-solving. Students gain a strong foundation in computer science and how to apply it in a particular field. Dr. Sean Hayes, associate professor and chair […]

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Creation care a responsibility

From the first book of Genesis to the final book of Revelation, we find Scripture that speaks of God’s great power in creating the heavens and the earth and all that is within. God created Earth for humankind to dwell in it, and He charged us with taking care of it.  According to Dr. Ben […]

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