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Where to study on campus

By Alexis Adamczyk | December 2, 2022

For Night Owls

CSU’s newest student lounge and dining option, The Buc Stop, is the perfect place for night owls to study. The Buc Stop grill is open until 10:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday, but students are welcome to utilize the space any time. The lounge is crowded with students socializing and doing homework while the grill is open. Once the grill closes, it’s quiet, spacious, and comfortable for those who prefer to study late at night. 

For Early Risers

The library is the best study space for early risers. It opens at 7:00 a.m. daily, and the second floor is dedicated to those who need silence to focus. The library is right next door to Java City, where students can grab coffee and breakfast starting at 7:30 am. There are always open tables, outlets to charge your laptop while you work, and library staff who can assist students with research.

For Nature Lovers

The Science building balconies provide a peaceful place to study and a beautiful view of the Reflection Pond. There are two tables and outdoor outlets on each balcony and they are always accessible from the outdoor staircases. Students can listen to the birds, watch the ducks, and appreciate the Spanish moss hanging from the oak trees without leaving the center of campus. 

Between Classes

Java City is the best location to study between classes. It’s a short walk from each building around the reflection pond so students do not have to return to their dorm rooms during an hour break, and drinks and snacks are available to purchase with dining dollars. Couches and armchairs add to the cozy coffee shop feel.

For Study Groups

Study rooms on the second floor of the library minimize distractions and provide whiteboards for group study sessions. Students can retrieve whiteboard markers from the library front desk and return them when they leave the room. Study rooms are available on a first come first serve basis. Noise is relatively insulated so that students can discuss material without being distracted by outside sounds on campus. 

Alexis Adamczyk is a senior communication major and is an intern with the Office of Marketing & Communication.

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