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Christian values in leadership

By Vishal Kumar | May 10, 2023

Leadership is defined by conduct-driven values. It’s easy to identify a leader who lacks values.

We have all been subjected to a poor leader at some point in our lives, if not in the workplace, then at home. Aren’t fathers and mothers our first leaders?

We all have observed a leader who led with values. But how do we determine which values we should choose? This article discusses the benefit of leadership driven by Christian values.

Christian values that define leadership

The Bible commands Christians to lead with particular values. It teaches that these values should stand out in a world full of opinions.

In today’s social media generation, anyone can be an influencer. People download applications like Tik-Tok and Instagram to share their voices, hoping to make an impact, but what type of impact will they have?

Integrity is not just a word

In February 2022, 13 brave U.S troops sacrificed their lives in an attack during the United States’ withdrawal from Afghanistan. They left a legacy that represented their integrity. They had everything waiting for them back in the United States, but they prioritized integrity above all else.

Integrity is the true heart of leadership. Without integrity, a leader lacks honesty, honor, and ethics. The Bible teaches, “The righteous who walks in his integrity, walks securely” (Proverbs 10:9). The world needs leaders who will clothe themselves with integrity.

“The last shall be first and the first last”

The world ignores those who serve, which explains why a servant attitude is seldom a phenomenon. The mentality of many people has become, “why would I wash someone’s feet when I can sit on the throne?”

However, the Christian faith contradicts this idea as scripture teaches that “whoever wants to become great among people must become a servant first” (Matthew 20:26). This value drains the leader of selfishness and arrogance. It makes a leader praiseworthy among his followers.

Giving value

We’ve probably all experienced the type of leader who seeks to surround himself with influential people, hoping that some influence will rub off on him. If you’re looking to influence others, associating with the smart, the beautiful, and the rich is a good strategy, but this is not leadership. An organization is made up of people from all walks of life.

A people-centric leader not only spends time with his subordinates but also gives them individualized attention. By doing this, he provides real value which leads to growth.

Walk with him for a mile! Walk with him for two instead

Why would someone walk two miles when the needed help was just one mile? It sounds like a strange concept. The analogy is not concerning a mindless extra walkathon. It demonstrates a genuine desire in a leader to be present for his people.

This means being present in any situation, not just in times of need. The first mile is often ignored, but the second mile is not forgotten. Leaders are to lead like a human shield, ever-present, ever vigilant. This value leads to trust between followers and the leader.

Vishal served in the Indian Navy as a ship navigator. Presently he is a graduate assistant at the Career Center at Charleston Southern University while completing an internship with a Mediterranean Shipping Company in the accounts department. He is entering his second year pursuing a Master of Arts in organizational leadership.

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