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Is an organizational leadership degree worth it

By Mandy Swofford | April 25, 2023

So, you’re looking to take the next step in your educational journey, and you’re wondering if a degree in Organizational Leadership is worth pursuing.

Are you a working professional with a desire to move up the corporate chain? Do you look forward to managing and leading people in the future? Do you have a manager whose professional standards you want to emulate? Are you currently a manager, but feel you aren’t leading your team as well as you’d like?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, a degree in Organizational Leadership can help prepare you for your role as a leader. 

Be a high-functioning leader
A degree in Organizational Leadership will give you the leadership principles necessary to grow into a high-functioning leader. While navigating through each course, the degree program will guide you through several key principles for becoming a leader.

The courses required to earn an Organizational Leadership degree will help you practice each of these key principles. This degree will not only prepare you to manage a team but also to successfully lead them to be the best team they can be. 

Coursework in the degree program
Your degree program will prepare you to communicate with people effectively. You will also learn how to build an effective team.

Various courses will investigate the moral and ethical responsibilities of leaders. They will also investigate the legal responsibilities of leaders.

Leadership is a broad topic. The courses will walk each student through various aspects of leading, such as how to effectively exhibit power and influence, how to coach and mentor, and how to lead through change. After successfully completing each of these courses, students will
feel more confident in leading their teams.   

A leader’s responsibilities
As a leader, you will have many responsibilities – some that aren’t outlined in your job description. You will be responsible for ensuring your employees have a high level of job satisfaction, remain engaged and productive, and continually prove to be successful.

A leader will also be responsible for resolving conflict effectively and ensuring each employee has a path for growth and development. After graduating, you will have the knowledge and skills for each of these important responsibilities.

You will also know how to execute each responsibility in the best possible manner. Each graduate will have countless tools in their tool-belt to ensure they can effectively lead people in any organization. 

Organizational Leadership in practice
Managerial roles are available in nearly every industry, with many companies having several management-level positions. There will be many careers where you can utilize the skills you have learned during your coursework.

The average salary for individuals with an Organizational Leadership degree may vary depending on the industry and level of position. Additionally, the degree will put you on a path for increased responsibility and growth. You’ll also have the potential for promotion in whichever industry you choose.

With the knowledge you will gain for understanding and communicating with others, your Organizational Leadership degree will launch your career in management and help you reach your maximum potential. 

Mandy Swofford is a product manager for Pemko Manufacturing in Memphis, Tennessee. She has worked in the building products industry (Division 08 Hardware) for over 19 years. She is currently attending Charleston Southern University in pursuit of her MBA.

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