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Project management at CSU

By Brianna Parker | January 25, 2024

You may wonder when it comes to a project, who are the brains behind the operations? The answer is project managers. Project management is a career that allows professionals to plan, organize, execute, and oversee projects that are needed to make companies successful. At Charleston Southern University, we offer a Project Management master’s degree program that encourages students to think outside the box. The degree is available online and allows you to interact with others all over the world.

This program can open various doors as you learn to manage and lead project teams and the organizations they work for. It focuses on the practice of delegating, leading, and creative thinking as you work with various members to achieve the job at hand. It is a job that is not about knowing the product but placing the right people to make the product successful.

Charleston Southern highlights that students in project management will “focus on the project management flow from start to finish, hitting project milestones such as strategic planning, project initiation, decision-making, risk assessment, and execution. As a result, graduates gain an edge in today’s competitive workforce.” If you are interested in starting this path and furthering your education, reach out to Marc Embler at

More information about the degree can be found here!

Brianna Parker is a graduate assistant for the department of marketing and communication. She is pursuing a masters degree in project management at Charleston Southern University.

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