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What will I learn from a degree in Organizational Leadership?

By Neeley Cain | June 5, 2023

A degree in organizational peadership propels individuals toward success within their organization. Students attain the knowledge needed to succeed as a leader. One of the greatest ways to develop your leadership skills is by participating in the organizational leadership degree program at Charleston Southern University.

Why This Program Matters

The skills acquired in a leadership degree program provide students with a wealth of knowledge to manage their team in the workplace. Research that examined over 20 programs across the United States identified the top reasons to obtain a degree in leadership. These included career advancement, creating a positive work environment, a multidisciplinary education, and understanding how to lead a team effectively.

Career Advancement

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, management occupations are expected to increase by 9% from 2020 to 2030. The median salary for management positions is $102,450. This demonstrates the value that this degree program can add to your career.

Creating a Positive Work Environment

Creating a positive work environment has become synonymous with being a good leader. The capability to produce this type of environment comes through learning philosophies of leadership, practical communication skills, how to improve the workplace, and flexible management. An organizational leadership degree program establishes these valuable traits, behaviors, and skills.

Students learn the importance of creating a unique personal philosophy of leadership, communicating with others, and how to adapt. All of this leads to a healthy work environment. Topics concerning human behavior, ethics, and theory are crucial to forming an effective workplace.

Multidisciplinary Education

Charleston Southern University focuses on the theory behind leadership as well as its practical application. Common courses discuss leadership ethics, decision making, organizational theory, design, change, and organizational communication. Students attain valuable knowledge through case studies and research.

Effectively Leading a Team

The organizational leadership degree equips students with functional professional skills for the public and private sectors. Students learn the value of servant leadership, how to lead through a crisis, and the importance of adaptability.

The program uses theories, structures, and biblical principles to prepare individuals for leadership positions. Students reinforce their organizational knowledge through practical applications throughout their time in the program.

A Master of Arts in organizational leadership from Charleston Southern University provides working professionals with the skills needed to succeed in a leadership role within their desired work environment. Through learning the practical application of specific classes like Fundamentals of Leadership, Leadership Dynamics and Decisions, and Business Ethics, students advance their careers.

Pursue your degree in organizational leadership today and reap the benefits of all that it offers.

Neeley Cain is an enrollment counselor at Charleston Southern University and has worked in higher education for two years. She is currently working toward attaining a Master of Arts in organizational leadership


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