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Bookstore partner changes name to Slingshot

By Jenna Johnson | May 4, 2021

Today, Tree of Life Bookstores and its Textbook Butler service announced its renaming to Slingshot.

“We have renamed our company Slingshot because we want the campus store to be the hero, to defeat the giant that is standing in the path to student success,” said CEO and Founder Darren Campbell.

Charleston Southern University partnered with the Ed Tech company last year to provide a new and improved bookstore experience for students. In addition to a modern campus store and streamlined mail pick-up, the innovative service offers students the option to receive all textbooks and materials—both physical and digital—directly to their door before classes begin.

Luke Blackmon, vice president for business affairs, said in last summer’s announcement that this partnership is a direct result of CSU’s 2020-2025 Strategic Plan goal to provide extra-mile service. “Going the extra mile is how we exemplify and mirror the mind of Christ,” he said.

All course materials are included in tuition for CSU students. From Slingshot’s campus store portal, students can access digital textbooks and view when rentals are due. To buy Buccaneer gear, CSU fans may visit

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