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This is our Golden Hour. Ticktock.

This story has been relocated to the Charleston Southern University blog found here!

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The Good Buccaneerean

This story has been relocated to the Charleston Southern University blog found here!

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Lead like Jesus

When it comes to leadership, nothing speaks louder or longer than results. Sure, effective leadership presupposes solid character, sound relationship skills, straightforward communication, and strategic vision, but even the godliest of captains is ultimately ineffective if she produces more excuses than results. In God’s economy, results may not be the only thing, but they sure are something.  On that premise alone, Jesus Christ was the greatest leader in history. His record is unbeaten; the organization He founded, the […]

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Prayer of a Pandemician

COVID-19 appeared, and we lost all control First physically tired, now weary in soul Enduring lockdown, stuck in quarantine Making the most of this unwelcome routine We assumed two weeks, no more than three Then back to normal, but it wasn’t to be Lord, how did we land in this position? Living the life of […]

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Growing hometown heroes – right before our eyes

I went to high school with a guy who was good at any sport he ever tried. Baseball, football, basketball, golf, track and field, ping pong. You name it, he was good at it.  You know the type. The kind of athlete who makes you wonder if he siphoned off some of your talent as […]

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CSU unveils new strategic plan

For the first year of his presidency, Dondi Costin asked questions, listened, observed, prayed, studied, and listened some more.  His next step was gathering stakeholders to establish the university’s strategic plan for 2020-2025. He said, “The plan is the work of more than 70 planners representing every pocket of the university. These planners analyzed data from nearly […]

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Look what God has done

One of the many joys of my job is hanging out with alumni who haven’t been to campus in a while. Moving about with their heads on a swivel, I see the wheels turning as they quickly compare the campus of their memories with what appears before them as the campus of their dreams. The reaction is always the same: “Unbelievable! Look what God has done.” Exactly.    It’s the reaction I […]

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CSU discovers miracle cure

How would you respond if someone sent you a link advertising a miracle drug that would transform your life in every meaningful way? Sounds like clickbait, I know. But what if? What if the link claimed that this revolutionary cure all but guaranteed longer life, more satisfying relationships, better mental health, greater resiliency, more effective […]

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It’s Not Rocket Science

Most earthlings never get the chance to rub elbows with a real-life rocket scientist. What those brainiacs do seems so complex that we assume only a space cadet could ever understand it. More often than not, our grasp of the galactic is limited to exposing the relative simplicity of every other task with this backhanded bow to […]

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