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Parent Stories: Senior vs. Freshman

Senior vs Freshman, age 17 vs 18. Do these sound familiar? This time is both exciting and scary for our young adults and us as parents. They want the freedom to be away from us, but they also are looking for our support. Now is when things become different in the world of parenting as […]

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The most wonderful time of the year

If you had told me this time last year that 2020 would be marked by a global pandemic requiring face coverings, social distancing, and a general upsetting of our “normal” every day from Spring Break forward, I would never have believed you. But here we are. What a difference a year makes! As difficult as […]

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Navigating stressful times

Adjusting to college can be stressful, and adding COVID-19 to the mix has made the adjustment even more challenging. Navigating a global pandemic has emphasized one thing – we are all in this together. Every university student, faculty member, and administrator at every university is struggling with the same challenges. Take comfort that you are […]

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Coming home for the first winter break

When your student comes home for their first winter break, some adjustments may be needed in order to make the experience more enjoyable for both the student and the parent. Parents are often caught off guard by their student’s new-found independence. Your student has had the opportunity to dive into what life looks like when […]

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