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Costin formally installed as CSU’s third president

By CSU Media | October 30, 2018
Dondi Costin

On October 29, 2018, the Charleston Southern University Board of Trustees installed President Dondi Costin as the university’s third president.

The Honorable Timothy E. Scott, U.S. senator and 1988 graduate of Charleston Southern, presented the charge to the president. He said, “What a wonderful time to be home. I’m so excited about your new leadership, truly.” Scott also thanked the Hunters for their leadership.

Scott told Costin he will need to influence three groups: students, professors and the public. “CSU is filled to the brim with amazing students,” said Scott. Scott charged Costin with being an encouragement and walking out the fullness of his convictions, loving his brother as himself. He said the most important legacy Costin can leave is to be the man who walked on campus and filled it with love and discipline and who leaves the campus with his character intact. “Do what needs to be done in the way it needs to be done,” said Scott. “Do everything so when you leave the campus you will hear well done, good and faithful servant.”

Costin chose What Only God Can Do as the theme of the Inauguration. He said he recently heard someone ask, what are you doing or attempting to do that only God can do? If you are attempting in your own strength, odds are you are not living up to your potential. Costin said, “It is true for an individual, and also true for a university.”

He said, “I stand here today as a nobody who knows a Somebody who has taught all of us to serve everybody. That’s what this ceremony is all about.” He said, we are interested in much more than credentials and careers for our students, we are interested in their calling, in them going wherever God calls them.

During the ceremony, CSU’s second president, Dr. Jairy C. Hunter Jr., presented the university medallion to Costin as a symbol of the formal transfer of authority.

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