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Cybersecurity program receives prestigious ABET accreditation

By Jenna Johnson | October 14, 2020

The Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) Computing Accreditation Commission accredited Charleston Southern University’s cybersecurity program this month, making it the only higher education institution in the Southeast with the designation. CSU is also only one of 14 cybersecurity programs with this accreditation in the world.

All-female cybersecurity graduating class at Charleston Southern University
The first graduates of the cybersecurity program at CSU.

“The ABET accreditation validates our cybersecurity program objectives, where graduates are deployed with confidence to pursue lifelong learning, leading, and serving by applying their skills in cybersecurity effectively and ethically,” Dr. Sean Hayes, associate professor and chair of computer science, said. “Our graduates can take pride in knowing that the quality of their education is so respected by others.”

ABET-CAC is considered a prestigious recognition with only a select top schools accredited internationally. According to Dr. Valerie Sessions, professor of computer science, the accreditation process gives CSU another method of continuous improvement for this program—noting further access to cybersecurity professors and practitioners who can help ensure that CSU’s programs are offering students a quality learning experience.

“It further validates the degree and shows potential employers that our graduates have what they need to enter the workplace,” Sessions said.

Since its inception three short years ago, the Bachelor of Science in cybersecurity has experienced a surge in growth. Starting with just five students, it now has 34 Buccaneers eager to pursue careers in an industry hungry for prepared, qualified talent.

President Dondi Costin said that this designation proves that CSU is on the leading edge of innovation and academic excellence.

“God’s hand is clearly on this program and this university as we run hard to meet the needs of our community and equip students to glorify God by being world class at what they do,” said Costin. “Prospective students can be more confident than ever that they are in great hands at Charleston Southern, where they can receive personalized preparation in small classes by faculty—now recognized by ABET as among the best in the business.”

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