Leave a legacy through planned gifts

By joining the CSU Legacy Society, you can pass on your values for generations to come. Each member of The Legacy Society has remembered the university through a bequest intention, charitable trust, life income plan, life insurance or other estate planning technique.

Membership in The Legacy Society is activated when the donor notifies Charleston Southern that he or she has made the commitment to the university. 

The Fruits of Joining

  • Your values will be passed on to future generations.
  • By the example of your special gift, you will encourage others who may consider passing on the same type of legacy.
  • Providing a planned gift may financially benefit you and your family by offering immediate or deferred tax advantages.

Gratitude & Tribute

  • Members receive an attractive certificate and lapel pin as special mementos symbolizing their membership and acknowledging their gift.
  • Members are invited to the annual President’s Club dinner and other university functions.
  • Members are recognized in Charleston Southern University publications.

Contact David Baggs for additional information about the Legacy Society at 843-863-7513 or dbaggs@csuniv.edu.

Ms. Beth (Worthy) Adamczyk ’88

Mr. Harold H. Adams Jr. ’69

Mr. Robert W. Ashby*

Ms. Florence S. Atkinson*

Mr. David and Mrs. Kimberly Baggs

Mr. Durwood J. Barton*

Mr. John E. Black ’72 and Mrs. Linda Alford-Black

Dr. Tony ’69* and Mrs. Susan Blanton

Dr. Ken* and Mrs. Jo Bonnette

Mr. David G. and Mrs. Lynda M. Brown

Dr. Michael ’95 and Mrs. Amy Bryant

Mr. Edwin C. Burrell ’68

Dr. Joseph N. Jr. ’73 and Mrs. Catherine C. Byron

Ms. Barbara Horton Caldwell

Ms. Daphne B. Capps

Dr. William E. II ’71 and Mrs. Kathy Cashion

Ms. Patti A. Childress

Rev. Tom and Dr. Melissa ’22 Clemmons

Mr. Thomas W. Coghlan ’70

Mr. George C. ’72* and Mrs. Iris Conoly

Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Copeland ’04

Ms. Mary “Mayna” Cosby

Dr. Dondi E. and Mrs. Vickey Costin

Mr. George ’69 and Mrs. Ethel Croft

Dr. Daniel W. IV ’90 and Mrs. Holly R. ’92, ’02 Cross

Dr. Rob and Mrs. Kathy Dewey

Mr. W. Russell and Mrs. Vicki Drake

Ms. Roseann Drew

Dr. Carol J. Drowota

Mr. R. Aaron Dunn ’82

Dr. Kenneth M. and Mrs. Phyllis J. Evans

Dr. Terry H. ’81 and Mrs. Belinda Ezell

Mr. Ken and Mrs. Lee Fisher

Mr. Robert C. ’69 and Mrs. Marian J. ’69 Gallager

Mr. Thomas C. Garrett*

Ms. Suzanne Gasque*

Mr. Wayne D. Goodwin ’70*

Mr. Bernie Grant ’68

Ms. Patricia A. Haile

Dr. Troy B. ’11 and Mrs. Vickie Hall

Dr. John A.* and Mrs. Jane Hamrick

Dr. Greg ’00 and Mrs. Lili Gresham ’02 Hiser

Mr. Jim and Mrs. Sandy Hoisington

Mr. Jackie* and Mrs. Earlene Horton

Dr. Jairy C. Jr. and Mrs. Sissy ’88 Hunter

Dr. Jairy C. Hunter III and

Dr. Christine L. Hunter

Mr. Daniel J. Inabinet ’84*

Mr. Harold* and Mrs. Frances Johnson

Ms. Ruth M. Jones*

LCDR Jason Jurkowski ’99

Mr. Ronald E. Klepper ’81, ’82, ’83*

Ms. L. Celestina Lang ’98

Dr. Marian M. Larisey

Ms. Elaine L. Ling ’73

Dr. James T. Jr. and Mrs. Jan Martin

Dr. Franklin G. Mason*

Ms. Barbara “Binky” Mead*

Mr. Kip and Mrs. Kim Miller

Mr. Brooks P. Moore ’70

Mr. Julian C. Moore*

Ms. Lecius L. Moorer ’00*

Mr. Berlin G. Myers*

Mr. Rodney R. ’76 and Mrs. Harriet K. ’76 Neal

Dr. William D. ’84 and Mrs. Debra K. ’86 Nicholson

Mr. Fred K.* and Mrs. Mary Ann* Norris

Mr. Steve and Mrs. Micki Ogburn

Mr. Gene* and Mrs. Freda* Ott

Mr. Ronald C.* and Mrs. Margaret L. Payne

Ms. Marjorie E. Peale*

Mr. Rob ’85 and Mrs. Nancy ’85 Pierce

Mr. John ’73 and Mrs. Jane Ramsey

Mr. Byron A. Reid ’72

Dr. Johnny B. Rhodes*

Mr. Robert H.* and Mrs. Nina* Ritter

Ms. Mary Ann Robinson

Mr. L. Harold Rowell*

Dr. Johnny G. ’81 and Mrs. Valerie English Rumbough

Mr. Harry ’75* and Mrs. Nan* Schickling

Dr. Lloyd E.* and Mrs. Peggy G. Sineath

Mr. Bill* and Mrs. Alice* Southern

Mr. Jim and Mrs. Pat Southern

Mr. Porter* and Mrs. Elona* C. Stevens

Mr. Jeremy M. and Mrs. Codey Stipkala

Mr. James H.* and Mrs. Gloria* Stovall

Drs. Otto M.* and Kathryn M.* Strock

Mr. Kenneth E. Swain*

Lt. Col. Joseph F. ’69 and Mrs. Martha Tallon

Dr. Gloria J. and Mr. David E. Thiem ’05

Dr. Geneva Anne Turner ’85 ’89 ’05

Dr. Johnny E. and Mrs. Sandra B. Ward

Ms. Ann H. Way

Dr. Bert and Mrs. Kathy Welch

Dr. Brunson M. Westbury

Mr. William G. White Sr.*

Drs. Floyd* and Shirley Whitfield

Mr. Timothy W. and Mrs. Alina Whitfield

Mr. Franklin H. ’71 and Mrs. Debra B. Williamson

Mr. Fred L. and Mrs. Susan R. Worthy

Ms. Ernestene P. Youmans*

Mr. Edward T. and Mrs. Dot Zeigler Sr.

* Legacy Society members who have graduated to Glory with the Lord and received their reward.

Updated 10/13/2023

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