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Indian culture featured in annual event

By CSU Media | March 15, 2018

Students, faculty and staff were treated to free Indian food and entertainment as part of the school’s annual Culturefest yesterday. In the serving lines, vegetable Samosa, Basmati rice and chicken Tikka Masala found its way to their plates and then their palates.

While the food was consumed, the various aspects of Indian culture were shared through dance and music. One of the dancers, Beena, moved to the United States when she was 9 years old. She spent much of her time living in Chicago. She moved to South Carolina with her retiring husband 10 years ago and said sharing Indian customs and cultures with others helps to break down barriers. “Sometimes, all people know about India is the bad stuff,” says Beena, “like war and tragedy. Dance and music can transcend those hurdles of understanding a different way of life.”

Besides the food and the music, students learned about Indian art and fashion. Bangles, small bracelets, are worn by females in India, stacked from the wrist to the elbow. 

Another fashion statement is the Bindhi, a female adornment placed in the middle of a woman’s forehead, just above the eyebrows. A red dot, or Bindhi, conveys that the woman is married. Other colors are worn primarily to accessorize a woman’s outfit.

The India Association of Greater Charleston played a huge part in providing the performers for the lunchtime presentation. Students were given opportunities to win prizes based on trivia questions regarding one of the world’s most populated countries.

The campus event was put together by the Cultural Diversity Committee.

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