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Mom of special needs children wins CSU college tuition giveaway

By CSU Media | May 14, 2018

Charleston Southern University announced the winner of the College Tuition Giveaway in partnership with HIS Radio on Monday morning. 

Ashley Shaw of Anderson, South Carolina, won a full year of college tuition at CSU. Her father, Doug Hoard, nominated his daughter for the contest noting that she is a young wife and mother of three, two of which have special needs. Ashley’s oldest son has autism and her second son has the rare 22q deletion syndrome and Peters anomaly.

“I have spent the last seven years just giving my all to my children like any good mother does, and I have been going back and forth for therapy and surgeries and learning about their conditions and how to help them best,” Ashley said. “And now we are finally at a place where I am able to go back to school.”

Ashley’s husband, Andrew, said that going back to school has been a topic of discussion for several years, but it was never the right time.

“This is her time,” he said. “This is God saying ‘Now’s the time to go for it.’”

Ashley plans to be a social worker after completing her degree. She said, “I want to work with families whose children got diagnosed with conditions so they can figure out what they need to do, and where they need to go and get the help they’re entitled to.”

The contest was open April 23 through May 9 to any prospective student over the age of 16, and is valid for traditional or online undergraduate studies. The winner must enroll full time, with at least 12 credit hours each semester.

“Thank you for this opportunity to be able to jump start my career and my education and to better my family,” Ashley said. “I really believe that God gave me the kids that I have and the life that I have for His glory…through helping other people.”


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