More than just your chapel-credit religion

By CSU Media | August 29, 2018
Dr. Dondi Costin at Opening Chapel

At the opening Chapel of the academic year, President Dondi Costin challenged students saying, God wants more than just your chapel-credit religion. He wants you to have a growing relationship with Him.

Costin called freshman Maysia Miles from the Wind Ensemble up to the front of the stage and said he was going to give her a gift.

He said, “In the last 10 days, hypothetically, I’ve taken every test for you, written every paper, every speech, done all four years, you’re going to get all As. Last weekend I did your master’s for you.” He told her he had done all the work for a PhD for her, with the quickest dissertation ever.

Costin said, “The name on the dissertation isn’t Dondi Costin, PhD; it’s Maysia Miles, and all you have to do is receive the work I’ve done on your behalf.” As he pulled a doctoral robe out of a gift bag, he said, “Dr. Miles has a good ring to it.”

He said, “Because you trusted I did it for you, you went from freshman to faculty for free. That’s the gospel. Jesus Christ doing for you what you could not do for yourself, if you trust in Him. Free for you but costly for Him. Who would not want a deal like that?”

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