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Student and faculty research showcased at Symposium

By Jan Joslin | May 11, 2023

The annual Spring Symposium featured student and faculty research on April 21. Presentations and posters covered a wide variety of disciplines.


  • Dr. David Floyd, Horror Film Sub-Genres
  • Nathan Allan Lowe, Nursing Students and Hand-off Report in the Clinical Setting, endorsed by Dr. Marcille Jorgenson
  • Armando Daniel Diaz Gonzalez, Applying BioBERT to Extract Germline Gene-Disease Associations for Building a Knowledge Graph from the Biomedical Literature, endorsed by Dr. Songhui Yue
  • Caleb Young and Annah Junge, A Comparative Study. Determination of vitamin B1 and C in kale, okra, radishes, and watercress grown aeroponically under both artificial and sunlight controlled environments, endorsed by Dr. Thomas Gurley
  • Mallory Sherrill, The Cardinal Sins of Don Quijote, endorsed by Dr. David Cross
  • Madelyn Parsons, An Exploration into the Efficacy of Virtual Homework in an Introduction to Proofs Course, endorsed by Dr. Emily Thomas and Dr. Ryan Thomas
  • Dr. Joshua Wofford, Yeast cells depleted of the frataxin homolog Yfh1 redistribute cellular iron: Studies using Mössbauer spectroscopy and mathematical modeling
  • Abi Nelson, One Foot in the Margin: Reluctance in Writing the Asian-American Experience, endorsed by Professor Dan Leach
  • Dr. James Brooks, Evaluating the Health and Diversity of Amphibians at Hobcaw Barony
  • Dr. David Cross, The Evolution of Arabic through Social Media and its Potential Future Applications
  • Caroline Jacky, Investigation of the interaction between bovine serum albumin and a small molecule by capillary zone electrophoresis, endorsed by Dr. Aiye Liang
  • Elizabeth England, Sudan-Darfur Ethnic Conflict, endorsed by Dr. Julius Mutwol


  • Makena Griffis, An Investigation into Correlations Between First Generation Student Status, Faith Activity Participation, or Review Session Attendance and BIOL 226 Lecture and Lab Final Grades, endorsed by Dr. Virginia Baker

The symposium is sponsored by the Publications Committee. Members for 2022-2023 are: Kristen Hixon, Dianne Boykin, Daniel Leach, Timothy Banks, Dr. Charles Smedley, Carla Marchione, and Jan Joslin.

Photos by Dianne Boykin

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