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Students move into The Suites

By CSU Media | March 6, 2019
new residence hall

Charleston Southern University’s new residence hall, known informally as The Suites, opened on Friday, March 1 for students. The new residence hall offers unique amenities such as a community kitchen, personal study areas within the dorms and building and an added level of privacy.

“My favorite difference is the exclusivity of the new dorms,” said Abby Keller, a sophomore.  “I feel like I am living in an apartment with close friends and there is a lot more space to enjoy without some kind of storage being in the way.” 

The Suites feature more of an apartment style set up with two personal rooms, a common area and bathroom. Students need to have fobs to access every level of the building which gives it a removed feeling while still being on campus.

Savannah Fairchild, a sophomore, said that she enjoys, “the kitchen, no cinderblock walls, the loftable beds and updated showers.”

“I’ve greatly enjoyed living in the new dorm thus far, and it is a tremendous improvement,” said Hunter Wilson, a sophomore. “I will most definitely live here in the future as long as I am able to do so. For the amount of space the new dorms have and how clean it is, I feel that it is most definitely worth the extra money.”

While the students all had different reasons and motivations for moving into The Suites, they have all reported loving the change and have plans to continue to live there.       

“Being a nursing major and living in a three-person room is very difficult when an individual in the room does not have a schedule like yours, so it was best for my current roommate and I to move to a room where we could get ready and study in a better environment. I will definitely choose these dorms despite the increased price; it is so worth it,” said Keller.

Reflective of the growth CSU is experiencing, The Suites is the first residence hall to be built in more than three decades. The grand opening ceremony will be March 26 at 2 p.m. and will include free food and tours for interested students.

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