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Young Alumni: Stephanie and Steven Daniels

By CSU Media | May 26, 2020
Photo provided

When Stephanie and Steven Daniels graduated from Charleston Southern University in 2013, they married and moved in with her parents to save money. Stephanie, a nursing major, and Steven, a computer science major, paid off more than $100,000 in student loan debt in just three years. 

Recently, Steven called Cady Nell Keener, assistant vice president for development and special gifts, to express interest in starting a scholarship for computer science students. He said, “You may not know this about me. I grew up in section 8 housing with my mom and two sisters. I want to help students who are like me.” 

Steven and Stephanie both started funded scholarships this year. They are living in California, where Steven is pursuing a master’s in computer engineering, and Stephanie is pursuing a doctorate of nursing practice. 

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