Maxwell Rollins

Maxwell Rollins

Associate Professor of Business Administration

MBA Tracks

The most flexible graduate degree around, a general MBA from Charleston Southern University prepares students for a vast array of careers and promotion opportunities. Learn about competitive positioning, managing with excellence and leading with integrity, accounting and financial theories, and more — all while combining coursework with real-world projects and application.

If you are interested in financial analysis, an MBA in accounting is right for you. Maybe you are pursuing a career as a corporate accountant or an accounting consultant. Sharpen your skills and leverage a range of accounting knowledge for business decisions, strategy, commercial or investment banking and more. Accounting courses will give you a solid foundation for preparing financial statements, reading and analyzing reports, analyzing cost drivers and costs and valuation techniques.

This degree track prepares you for career paths in corporate finance, investment banking, venture capital, asset management, private wealth management and more. Dive deeper into the world of finance with an MBA from Charleston Southern.

This MBA degree layers the interdisciplinary study of the health sector into a business curriculum, preparing you for management positions in the healthcare industry. Enhance your strategic thinking and overall skills and understanding to be better equipped for leadership roles in health systems, pharmaceutical companies, biotech, venture capital and more.

Designed for students with educational and professional backgrounds in business, this curriculum builds the skills and knowledge needed to advance in the human resources field. An MBA in human resource management gives you a deep immersion into the field and builds on core human resource concepts, including employee engagement and retention, strategic planning, hiring and firing, coordination of benefits and payroll, etc.

Broaden your leadership skills and reach new heights with an MBA in leadership from Charleston Southern. Gain the knowledge and tools that equip you for maintaining the highest standards of organizational leadership, including developing and implementing new ideas, motivating managers and employees, and long-term strategic planning.

This MBA is ideal for anyone interested in technology and business management. This curriculum marries business topics and management theories with information technology. An MBA graduate in management information systems builds skills in finance, marketing, network administration, hardware and software. You will also strengthen leadership, financial and human resources skills.

Gain the knowledge and tools needed to manage an organization’s recurring business processes. With this degree, you will focus on the strategy and execution of efficient, profitable movement and storage of goods, from start to finish. Learn to handle challenges with confidence while streamlining daily operations.

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