Vallerie Sessions

Valerie Sessions

Director of Graduate Study in Computer Science


The Master of Science in computer science degree at Charleston Southern University is designed to provide an advanced understanding of the technical fundamentals of computer science architecture, database, networking and software engineering.

The nonthesis program of study (30 credit hours) is designed to enhance professional development for those currently working in the field while providing advanced skills and knowledge to those seeking employment in the field. The thesis program of study (24 credit hours) provides the basis for further advanced study in the field. Reflected in the programs of study is a commitment to the highest ethical, intellectual and social values.

Program Objectives

The objectives for the Master of Science in computer science program are to develop graduates who shall:

  • Demonstrate the ability to apply their knowledge and skills to further their career in computer science and/or obtain an advanced degree.
  • Exhibit effective communication skills, both oral and written.
  • Recognize the need for lifelong learning and participate in professional organizations.
  • Practice their profession ethically and recognize societal and global needs from a Christian worldview perspective.
  • Develop a biblically based decision making process that will be the foundation for Christ-like leadership in the computer science or information technology field.