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College offers more than an academic degree

The experience of going to college includes values beyond earning a degree. Employees at CSU recently shared some specifics with me. Some similarities were seen in their responses, but the range of answers was evident, age and generation differences aside.  Critical thinking was a specifically important value to Charleston Southern University President Dr. Dondi Costin […]

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Student-Athlete Success

Student-athletes play an important role representing their university through their respective sports. Unfortunately, sometimes traveling to competition locations takes away time from the classroom, and sometimes competition days and times fall during the same time as class does.  To keep up with grades and schoolwork, we student-athletes often have to deliver in-class projects and presentations […]

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The Writing Center at CSU 

Whether we acknowledge it or not, there’s a negative connotation when it comes to asking for help in college. This has especially become the case when we need help from a tutor. However, there are some times we really do need another’s input. Writing assignments are no exception to this, even for upper-level English majors. […]

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Exam study tips

As a senior, I’ve had to learn study habits during my academic career. Maybe some of what works for me will work for you also. Study habits are personal and what works for you might not work for others, so it is important to understand what works well for your own learning needs. We are […]

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How to create a workplace that prioritizes diversity and inclusion

An effective workplace environment should consist of diversity and inclusion. These two elements are vital for organizational success. This begins with leadership prioritizing an environment where individuals from different cultures, races, gender, age, and nationalities receive the respect they deserve. Creating a workplace structure that prioritizes diversity and inclusionLeaders can change the atmosphere through a […]

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Why is innovation important?

For a business to succeed, it must be willing to innovate. A major part of leadership is being able to formally incorporate innovation into your plans. According to one study, “600 global business executives, managers, and professionals…pointed to leadership as the best predictor of innovation performance” (Barsh et al., 2019). A Master of Arts in […]

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How to be an empathetic leader

Empathy is a critical trait for all leaders. No leadership values list is complete without it. Dr. Tom McDonald says, “[Leaders] must show empathy, attunement, organizational awareness, influence, interest in developing others, inspiration, and teamwork. Are these qualities you’re creating in yourself? If not, you have precious little chance of becoming a powerful leader.”    What […]

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Where to study on campus

For Night Owls CSU’s newest student lounge and dining option, The Buc Stop, is the perfect place for night owls to study. The Buc Stop grill is open until 10:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday, but students are welcome to utilize the space any time. The lounge is crowded with students socializing and doing homework while […]

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