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How to create a workplace that prioritizes diversity and inclusion

By Martha Ford | February 28, 2023

An effective workplace environment should consist of diversity and inclusion. These two elements are vital for organizational success.

This begins with leadership prioritizing an environment where individuals from different cultures, races, gender, age, and nationalities receive the respect they deserve.

Creating a workplace structure that prioritizes diversity and inclusion
Leaders can change the atmosphere through a diverse organizational structure. This is something that some organizations fail to provide. Moreover, leaders must develop the skills to lead a diverse organization in the 21st century. A Master of Arts in organizational leadership will help you build the skills to navigate diversity in today’s society.

A degree in organizational leadership encourages workplace diversity by developing skills that create organizational change. These changes can be seen through the incorporation of interpersonal skills.

A few requirements of an effective leader are verbal communication, written communication, and listening skills.

Creating an inclusive organizational climate
A crucial part of building an inclusive organization is employing influential leaders passionate about creating an environment where individuals can feel a sense of belonging. These leaders work in high-performing organizations. They exhibit behaviors that guide others to follow them.

How do you recognize an influential organizational leader? They exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Self-Awareness. Leaders acknowledge that they possess both strengths and weaknesses. They know there is always room for improvement in those weak areas. A competent leader has a positive effect on their workers. This helps to create an inclusive climate.
  • Relational Skills. An inclusive climate benefits from having a transparent leader. A leader who has flaws is willing to own up to those flaws. Employees are prone to attach themselves to individuals who are true to themselves.
  • Christian Values That Resemble Christ-like Attributes. A leader’s morals influence their decision-making. Leaders who have developed the educational skills and Christian values from Charleston Southern University are an asset to an organization.

Occupations for Individuals with Organizational Leadership Degrees
Administrative Management:
An administrative manager supervises staff by coordinating activities enhancing the organization’s operation. They work as college presidents, school district administrators, principals over secondary education, and bankers. They must possess analytical, communication, and leadership skills.
Human Resource Management:
They supervise the activities of other employees to recruit, select, and hire candidates who will work with the company. They possess interpersonal, communication, leadership, and organizational skills.
Postsecondary Administrator:
Responsibilities consist of overseeing the activities of colleges or universities. They can work in different areas throughout the college, such as provost, deans, admissions, or the registrar’s office. Some of the qualities consist of organizational, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills.

These professions are just a few examples of where a Master of Arts in organizational leadership can take an individual. The qualities of interpersonal, decision-making, and leadership skills can help you become the kind of inclusive leader that you would want to work for.

Martha Ford is a Charleston County School District paraprofessional with a Bachelor of Science in human services from Southern Wesleyan University. She is currently enrolled in the Master of Science in management program at Charleston Southern University.

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